A Software Dev’s First Hackathon

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Recap of my first hackathon at the Lesbians Who Tech NYC Summit

Rotting Apricot

A short horror story about a sentient mold that takes over a library. If you like X-Files monster-of-the-week episodes, then you might enjoy this! Composed during a series of workshop submissions to the Contemporary Seattle Book Club for Writers.

Available through the King County Library System.

A Few Things You Should Know about Coding Bootcamps

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Reflecting on my upcoming Ada Developers Academy journey

A Call for Cisgender Action

(Update: This was written back when I still thought I was cis.)

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Discussed in a TED talk by Stanford Knight Fellow Andrew Losowsky

9 Brilliant Musicians Who Are Breaking Down Gender Stereotypes

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Music feature

Star Trek N00b

Weekly column on Autostraddle

Recap of The Original Series from a new viewer’s perspective

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