Throwback Thursdays: Looking Through My Childhood Journals

I’ve been slowly scanning my old journals into my computer. I’m worried about my old composition books slowly disintegrating, getting lost, or being destroyed in a natural disaster (cats). On Thursdays, I’ll be digging into the archives of Past Loraine to give you some of those awkward gems. I’ve already started this process on social media, so here are the first two, in case you missed them. Not just ants. Super ants!...

July 10, 2014 · Loraine

'A Call for Cisgender Action' in a TED talk

Last week, I was contacted by Andrew Losowsky, a Stanford Knight Fellow and all-around fantastic writer. Somehow, my first Medium post, “A Call to Cisgender Action,” traveled through a bunch of Internet tubes and wires to his screen. And then Andrew discussed it during his TED presentation in Atlanta. What an incredible honor! Check out his ideas on publishing, listening, and identity here:

June 10, 2014 · Loraine

Taking Care of Your Body as a Writer

People don’t usually equate writing (or spending long amounts of time at a desk / computer) with fitness. Near the beginning of 2013, I began to suffer from an ache of doom in my right arm, affecting my ring and pinky fingers and running down to my elbow. I worried that it was the beginnings of cubital tunnel syndrome – one of the many repetitive stress injuries (RSI) you can get from working at a desk....

November 30, 2013 · Loraine

'Call for Cisgender Action' is On a Roll

Whooo, last week I saw an immense amount of traffic and feedback surrounding my article, “A Call for Cisgender Action,” which appeared on in October. So far it has been shared by Original Plumbing and Bitch Magazine, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.** ** Here are some Tweet highlights from last week. I’m amped about writing more queer features for some new publications soon. Medium has been an interesting platform to release articles on, and “Cisgender Action” was actually my first post there....

November 5, 2013 · Loraine

Achievement unlocked: I'm a full-time writer now

Well, the time has finally come. I’ve gained enough freelance contracts to dive into this crazy writing life full-time. This is after countless evenings spent writing around my day job, taking assignments on rushed deadlines, saving up emergency funds, and applying to a slew of gigs. My last day at Apple Inc. was June 12th, and I had an excellent going-away party over at Kate’s Pub in Wallingford! I hit the ground running this week, with a bunch of assignments on my plate....

June 17, 2013 · Loraine