Two completed Rails projects

Cohort #Unigoat had a week-long vacation to rest up after spending the聽last 2.5 weeks聽working with Rails. In case you鈥檇 like to see some examples of what we鈥檝e been creating in class, here are two projects I contributed to: Unigoat Books聽(GitHub) This first Rails endeavor聽was a solo project Kudos to our instructors for designing the聽TaskList projects, especially TaskList Sinatra. It gave us a great聽stepping-stone聽for learning how Rails and Active Record聽work....

July 6, 2015 路 Loraine

Crashing through some web stack layers

Last week was a serious blur that ended with a working website. I鈥檓 still blinking because my eyes feel dry聽from the wind chill. Fwoooooooosh. Here are the tools聽we crammed聽into our coding repertoire聽in聽just five freakin days, along with some聽jumbled streams of consciousness. 1. Gemsets and Bundler Pretend like your project is a saltwater fish.聽Using Gemsets and Bundler is like getting the salinity, temperature, and PH levels just right in the fish tank....

June 14, 2015 路 Loraine

Initial thoughts: Ada Dev Academy and Seattle tech culture

Scribbles. Loose scribbles.聽That鈥檚 really all my brain can process聽at the moment. I don鈥檛 think I can adequately聽organize my thoughts on my early Ada Developers Academy days into a very coherent blog post. So far, I鈥檓 absolutely loving my experience. I placed my hands聽on a聽keyboard, started coding, looked up, and hey!聽A week went flying聽by! Time travel is real. It鈥檚 difficult聽to focus on anything else, because it feels like a large portion of my brain鈥檚 processing power is always聽chewing on something code-related in the background....

May 17, 2015 路 Loraine

Talking about coding boot camps on Autostraddle

Hey readers聽who are interested in learning programming languages: I wrote a Queer Your Tech聽article for Autostraddle about selecting a school and applying. Go check it out!

April 25, 2015 路 Loraine

Expanding with Ada Developers Academy

So I鈥檝e got some really fantastic news. I鈥檝e been accepted into the third cohort of the聽Ada Developers Academy, a tuition-free programming school for women. It is based here in Seattle. Unlike a traditional college or university, this non-profit throws you into the deep end with intensive, on-site courses held 9am-5pm聽for seven months. Phew! In addition to scooping聽Ruby, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript into our skulls, we鈥檒l also be accountable for 15-20 hours of homework each week....

April 2, 2015 路 Loraine