So, I’m quickly becoming an über podcast nerd, mainly because my life doesn’t allow me very much sit-down-and-read time. I’m usually trying to rush around Seattle’s frustratingly slow bus system (the BART ruined me over vacation), washing dishes, or walking somewhere. Podcasts have become the positive affirmation in life, my gateway to industry news, and all that jazz. While I listen to both mainstream and really offbeat, indie stuff, two writing-related podcasts have really stood out to me.

1. Unprintable by LitReactor

I’ve lurked around LitReactor since they sprouted from the early Chuck Palahniuk fan forums, which revolved around writing workshops and critical feedback. They now have a kick ass, globally hosted podcast. Their most recent episode, Inside the Mind of a Literary Agent, epitomizes their purpose to me. They focus on current events in the literary world, trade practices (digital and print), and they make funny commentary on recent publications. Episode 8 focuses Bret Easton Ellis, Orson Scott Card, and Joe Hill. They have a very fascinating discussion on whether an author’s personal views should influence how their work is perceived, specifically in regards to Card’s extreme homophobia. Unprintable also interviews a literary agent to give tips to upcoming authors who hope to publish with agent representation.

2. I Should be Writing by Mur Lafferty

Mur is like that best friend you call when you’re stuck in a writing rut, wandering in circles in your apartment and forgetting where you set your coffee (or brain). She is an extremely productive podcaster, with nearly 300 episodes under her belt. Mur discusses a variety of writer concerns, including health / wellness (she practices kung fu), ebook production, finding an agent, and how to muddle through writing novels. Whenever I’m floundering over a project, I download an episode by Mur to have something to think about.