Cohort #Unigoat had a week-long vacation to rest up after spending the last 2.5 weeks working with Rails. In case you’d like to see some examples of what we’ve been creating in class, here are two projects I contributed to:

Unigoat Books (GitHub)

A screenshot of Unigoat Books, a collection of my cohort’s book recommendations

  • This first Rails endeavor was a solo project
  • Kudos to our instructors for designing the TaskList projects, especially TaskList Sinatra. It gave us a great stepping-stone for learning how Rails and Active Record work.
  • The thought of having a working TaskList at the end really stressed me out (too many tasks)! To de-stress myself and have a bit of fun, I repurposed this project as a book recommendation list for my class.

FarMarRails  (GitHub)

A screenshot of the FarMar app homepage

Oh look, it’s that FarMar data again. This time around, the database seemed less rage-inducing and more approachable with the structure of Rails to guide us.

  • Carly Jugler and I completed this project as a pair
  • We used KanBan boards for the first time to create a project roadmap
  • Separate Git branches for features! We were able to own separate app features by checking out separate Git branches, and then merging everything back together. For example, while Carly worked on formatting money in the user input and display, I worked on sorting transactions by month. This enabled us to cover more ground without having to code side-by-side throughout the entire project.