The awesome Seattle NaNoWriMos got the Bellevue Denny’s to close completely on Halloween night to kick off National Novel Writing Month properly! If you’re living in the Seattle area, make sure you check out the planning post on the NaNo forums.

Here’s the run down from the amazing Wayzgoose:

Okay folks. I’m back from my book talk and stopped at Denny’s tonight to talk to the night manager. They are expecting us on Halloween night from 10:00-2:00 and plan TO CLOSE THE RESTAURANT to all but NaNo writers this year. I’ll be in early helping to run extension cords from every available outlet so there is more available power. We’ll be occupying every corner of the restaurant this year and the Denny’s staff is excited to have us return. They love NaNoWriMo! Fun, prizes, costumes, and everyone gets 1,000 words written before they leave!

All right! I can’t wait. It’ll be great to be around so many novelists at once!