While listening to a book, I noticed a strange series of syllables that I simply could not comprehend. I took the phone from my pocket, stared at the text, and replayed it.

Turns out the word “environments” is mispronounced as enviRONments, with an odd stress pattern and an “i” sound kinda like the “ea” in “ear.”

I got curious about repro steps so I wrote “environment” and “environments” in a note and played it with VoiceOver. Curiously enough, the mispronunciation only impacts the plural form of the word, specifically using English(UK) iOS voices. Have a listen yourself:

I double-checked with my friend, Alex, who is based in London, and he confirmed that this isn’t some alternative pronunciation. He kindly sent me a recording of a British person saying the word, which sounds like you’d expect it to!

So I went ahead and wrote a description of the above repro steps and sent it off to Apple via their feedback form.