An amazing publication has finished its online and print run. Coilhouse, an collection of all things weird, steampunk, futuristic, nerdy, alternative, and queer is closing shop after a five year run.

They’ve held my attention with so many features, including a beautiful interview with one of my favorite creative couples, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. All of the Coilhouse back issues are now available as free hi-res downloads via their site. Seriously, do yourself a favor and download all of them RIGHT NOW.

The magazine designs are impeccable. Each layout is an ode to the content. The first story excerpt in their very first issue hooked you right away, spiders dripping off quotes set at odd angles, webs snagging you until the very last page.

Their last print issue, stationary, and stickers are available through their online store. Get them while you still can!

Coilhouse, you were my resource for so much weird shit on the internet. I especially loved the Crackpot Visionary profiles, reminding us how wonderfully odd (and terrifying) people are.

Nadya and Meredith, you don’t know me, but I’ve loved the Coilhouse blog and magazine for years. I wish you two the best in their future endeavors!