Whooo, last week I saw an immense amount of traffic and feedback surrounding my article, “A Call for Cisgender Action,” which appeared on Medium.com in October. So far it has been shared by Original Plumbing and Bitch Magazine, and the responses have been overwhelmingly positive.** **

Here are some Tweet highlights from last week.

I’m amped about writing more queer features for some new publications soon. Medium has been an interesting platform to release articles on, and “Cisgender Action” was actually my first post there.

I’m not 100% sold on Medium yet, just because the recommendation system seems quite prohibitive (you have to be on Twitter to recommend). However, Medium does allow me to track article metrics. Here’s how traffic surged after Original Plumbing shared my piece:

That’s pretty ridiculous.

Mahalo to everyone who has spread the word and those who have encouraged me to keep writing!