Well, the time has finally come. I’ve gained enough freelance contracts to dive into this crazy writing life full-time. This is after countless evenings spent writing around my day job, taking assignments on rushed deadlines, saving up emergency funds, and applying to a slew of gigs. My last day at Apple Inc. was June 12th, and I had an excellent going-away party over at Kate’s Pub in Wallingford!

I hit the ground running this week, with a bunch of assignments on my plate. Here are some other exciting achievements I’ve unlocked so far:

  • **Purchased a subscription to the AP Stylebook. **This was long in coming. As a part-time writer, I was straggling along on outdated AP guidelines. I haven’t bought a new stylebook since my journalism days in college. However, much of my work now requires some heavy AP style usage. After doing some research, it seems like you get the most bang for your buck subscribing to the Stylebook annually. I can’t imagine myself lugging around a ginormous 500-page 2013 AP Stylebook to a cafe when I feel like working outside. I also skipped the app, since you have to spend $24,99 for annual updates. Also, reviews online note that it is sluggish and crashes often.So I went the subscription route, figuring I’ll always have a computer, iPhone, or iPad handy. The subscription IS FANTASTIC. The web version auto-updates once the new guidebook comes, out, so I don’t need to spend more money once the 2013 version hits the shelves in July / August. Also, you can save your favorite entries, make notes, listen to pronunciation audio files, and contact AP editors with questions. AND if you sign up for recurring annual charges, you get it for $20 a year. Booyah!
  • **Filed my 2013 quarterly taxes

**Freelancers, hope you got your 2013 1040-ES in by today. Estimated taxes need to be paid four times a year, mid April, June, September, and January. Luckily, you can submit e-payments to the IRS in a snap. I learned that the state of WA has an awesome guide for business owners and taxes, which you can find at the State of Washington Small Business Liaisons page.

Now that I am the master of my own schedule (something that is both exhilarating and terrifying), I plan to commit to the following:

  • Go to more literary events. Like Joe Freakin’ Hill’s presentation at the Seattle Public Library. This city has so much going on, I gotta take advantage of it more!
  • Work on my novel. Oh hay, Camp NaNoWrimo is happening in JULY!
  • Read more. Follow me on GoodReads to see what I’m currently engrossed in!
  • **Blog more. **I plan on having a nice, meaty blog update at least once a week, chronicling some literary nerdiness.