Ursula the Sea Bot

Tweetin’ since 2016


Natural Language Processing bot that riffs off Ursula’s incantation from “Poor Unfortunate Souls”. Word substitutions are selected based on syllable stresses, syllable count, and phonemes. New tweets generated and posted hourly with a free Heroku Scheduler and a Python script.

Bitter Desert

Tweetin’ since 2016

In the jungle hills
I saw a bartender, cashed, beastial
Who, bleating on the ground
Held their beard in their hands
And ate of it.

— In the desert (@bitter_desert) June 23, 2016

A mad libs TwitterBot fed by Stephen Crane’s “In the Desert” poem, syllable analysis, and WordNet from the NLTK Python package. New tweets generated and posted twice daily with a free Heroku Scheduler and a Python script.

Coin for Tech Conf

Tweetin’ since 2015

Twitter bot dedicated to helping people find tech conference scholarships. Heroku Scheduler runs every 10 minutes to search for tweets to share.

Tech used: Ruby, Twitter gem

Book Duets

RubyConf Talk
GitHub - API
GitHub - Web App

Ada Dev Academy capstone project, mashups of musicians’ lyrics and authors’ quotes

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, Redis, PostgreSQL, RSpec, VCR, mock redis, Mandrill, Heroku (API deployment), AWS Elastic Beanstalk (web app deployment)

FN Playlist


FN Playlist: Knock over that swear jar. Find explicit tracks by your favorite artist

Goofy experiment with the iTunes API. Allows you to search for just the explicit tracks by a given artist.

Tech used: Ruby on Rails, iTunes API